What Can I Do with a GIS Degree?

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What Can I Do with a GIS Degree?

Are you wondering whether it’s worth getting a degree in GIS? Or what you can do for a job once you finish your bachelor’s or master’s studies? Well, this article is for you. The world of GIS is boundless with a lot of opportunities, here are some careers you can explore with a GIS degree:


Cartography involves creating maps, graphs, and other illustrations for various project and technical reports. You can also create, record, and/or digitally extract geospatial or statistical data from a variety of sources, and perform spatial analysis on the data.

Health Geographer

GIS tracking technology can be used by health geographers to evaluate how disease, catastrophe, and illness relate to place and environment. Health geographers monitor illness outbreaks and plan for interventions.

Remote Sensing Analyst 

Problems are solved by remote sensing experts using scans from aircraft and satellites. These people use GIS techniques to address a range of issues in industries such natural resource management, urban planning, and security.

GIS Manager

GIS managers leverage location technology to plan, assist and improve their cities. They’re in charge of managing budgets, employees, business development and overseeing groups of IT specialists who create geographic data using specialized computer systems on a daily basis.

GIS Developer

The term “GIS Developer” refers to a person who develops GIS software, apps, and tools. Since switching from physical maps to digital maps in a cloud-based system ten years ago, this career has undergone a significant transformation.


By gathering information and making use of GIS mapping technologies, conservationists monitor and identify natural environments to protect it. Fieldwork may be important in this career depending on where you work.

Law Enforcement

To keep cities secure, several different branches of law enforcement employ and utilize GIS. Police departments and helicopter firemen may both use GIS to study crime patterns and track and identify major flames to put out.

Climate Researcher

GIS is a tool that climate scientists use to study climate patterns and design interventions. Climate scientists investigate and combat problems like natural disasters and global warming (earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, extreme weather, etc.)

Urban/City Planner

The GIS of a city can contain information on traffic patterns, weather patterns, crime rates, construction, school zones, freeways, and hundreds of other characteristics that can assist planners in strategically placing new companies and homes or in developing a disaster mitigation strategy.

With GIS you can also become a mapping technician, surveying technician, geographer, geoscientist and many more. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in GIS, you can register with us at Esri Eastern Africa, and we will get you started in the right direction. We offer training on ArcGIS Software.

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