Month: June 2022

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Addressing Supply Chain Issues with GIS: Solving Logistics Challenges

GIS mapping ties many different data sources together and allows experts …

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Simplified Learning with ArcGIS Story Maps

With ArcGIS Story Maps, you can combine texts, photos, and videos …

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Locate your customer! 

GIS helps you to gather economic, psychographic, and demographic data on …

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Nurse measuring patient blood pressure

Integrating GIS with Healthcare Solutions

From the likes of Koch T. the author to Cartographies of …

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3 Things ArcGIS Drone2Map can do for you

Today, the traditional field data gathering, and imagery-production workflows are being …

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Esri Eastern Africa Opens New Offices in Uganda

Esri Eastern Africa, the region’s leading provider of geospatial solutions is …

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Esri Eastern Africa Yazindua Ofisi mpya Tanzania

Esri Eastern Africa inafuraha kuwajulisha kwamba imefungua ofisi mpya Tanzania Mkoani …

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Esri Eastern Africa Launches Online Store

Nairobi 25 April 2022: Esri Eastern Africa has today announced the …

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Transforming citizen services through efficiency

Kenya Open Data Initiative (, was Africa’s first online open government …

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