5 Simple ways to learn GIS technology

Ways to learn GIS new

5 Simple ways to learn GIS technology

If you’re able to see the location of the closest gas station, the fastest road from an accident scene to the nearest hospital or the nearest mall in your area on your phone. You just used GIS. This computer system can collect, store, and display any location-related data. GIS is a growing technology and is anticipated to $ 14.5 billion by the year 2025 according to

If you’re seeking an exciting career in your higher learning, a GIS career is the way to go. It offers the option for travel, fieldwork, software analysis, cloud architecture, drone data collecting, and system integration. If you’re a user and you just want to know about it, this article is for you. We have compiled simple ways that can help you learn this fascinating technology.

Read blogs

Deciding on any career is not always easy, before you start learning about GIS, do your research. It will be much easier for you to get started when you have a snippet of what it’s all about. There are articles and blogs to read and learn from. Blogs expound on GIS and offer a personalized understanding to users. There are blogs at Esri that are dedicated to the interests of programmers, teachers, managers, and job seekers.

Join social media

Joining social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, puts you at the forefront of acquiring the most recent information on the GIS sector.  Networking with other GIS fans or joining GIS groups online can advance your career.

Read an introductory book

An introductory book will give you a steppingstone towards achieving your goals. The book will lay out the procedures, equipment, and techniques required to perform comprehensive GIS analysis to a geographically based issue allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the technology.

Check out a webinar

Live training seminars offer relevant, specialized, and useful knowledge. Webinars have different topics that can be helpful, and you can remotely log in to a session, ask questions and get insights from other participants.

Complete a certification course

You can enroll in your local college and study GIS or sign up for Esri Eastern Africa’s training program.

You can also check out tutorials, attend user conferences, and subscribe to newsletters and magazines that focus on GIS. Let us be the Arc to your GIS career. Sign up for our training sessions here.

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