Location – Driven Market Insights: A Roadmap to Intelligent Business Development!

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Location – Driven Market Insights: A Roadmap to Intelligent Business Development!

Our world is changing quickly, especially for businesses. It’s important to remember that in just one generation, businesses have had to adjust to completely new marketing channels (web and social media), choose how to invest, use new technologies, and compete on a global scale—things that were hardly even conceivable to our parents’ and grandparents’ generations. ​Business is a challenging and constantly evolving industry. Every day you are faced with challenges and risks that are largely out of your control from economic uncertainty​, market volatility​, shifting industry priorities​, loss of a major employer​, political changes​, competition, new regulations​​ to defending and maintaining your key customers​.

​Whether you’re one of the many business owners juggling multiple tasks and doing everything on your own, facing daunting challenges of finding the right location and the right customers at the most opportune time or if you’re a consultant assisting such business owners in fields outside of their area of expertise Esri Eastern Africa has a GIS solution to help you out!​

​​How does location intelligence work?​

Location Intelligence (LI) is the methodology of deriving insights from location data to answer spatial questions. LI goes beyond simple data visualization on maps, to analyzing location data as an integral part of a business or societal problem.​

Location intelligence involves the people and technology used to visualize spatial data, identifying trends and relationships that result in actionable information. It builds on geographical information system (GIS) tools to provide data-driven insights that span myriads of uses.​

​GIS provides you a process and a framework for not only creating knowledge but also applying it widely. ​With GIS, you can measure, visualize, analyze, plan and design. Understanding and seeing the world in a 4-dimension perspective can enable you expand your market share. GIS users are linking science and rational thinking and the best analytics to action and seeing what others can’t.​

​​Location intelligence comes from visualizing and analyzing volumes of location technology and is used to empower holistic planning, prediction and problem solving. Seeing all relevant information in the context of location—on a smart map, app, or dashboard—provides unique insights. In this way, insights gained from location technology can reveal hidden relationships, patterns, and trends, delivering a competitive advantage.​

​​Location data is big data that uses information about a person or group of people’s movement or behavior and this information an be used to understand wider trends and patterns. Location based advertising and marketing uses this data to fine-tune marketing efforts, generate better engagement and get valuable insights into customer behavior.​

​Ultimately, location provides opportunities for businesses to understand patterns and trends and reveal insights​ and GIS plays an important role through organizing our world’s geographic knowledge. It’s creating building blocks of shared understanding through data models that organize it, through analytic process models and interpretive models, through maps and how we visualize our world, through the stories that we tell enhanced with digital story maps, through the reports, the infographics, the dashboards that we create, and, of course, the workflows themselves.​

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