Simplify your data collection efforts with ArcGIS Survey 123 

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Simplify your data collection efforts with ArcGIS Survey 123 

Simplify and integrate your data collection efforts by using easy-to-use online resources, cutting-edge tools and technology platforms. Our data management services provide a turnkey solution that enables agencies to improve their methods of data collection and management.

ArcGIS Survey 123 is a fast and easy way to gather outdoor survey data. Survey123 helps you collect data in the field—on the run with your mobile phone or tablet—with minimal equipment and training. With this mobile application, you can use pre-built or custom dialogues to quickly collect satellite imagery, aerial imagery, street level photo mosaics, and time lapse photography. ArcGIS Survey123 leverages the power of both mobile technology and cloud computing through a single solution that fits into your existing field bill.

This app provides a variety of tools that are designed to make data gathering simple. For example, it allows users to create surveys with just a simple click and save them as templates so they can be used over and over again in different surveying situations

ArcGIS Survey 123 helps you collect point locations, feature attribute descriptions and their attributes on topographic shape layer or ellipsoid shape layer in a single survey. It also helps you create surveys that link up with other data you might have.

ArcGIS Survey 123 is a powerful tool to help you gather data, perform analysis and visualize the results. With it you can create field surveys and compile survey results quickly, through a point layer or on a 2D raster map. It is compatible with many other GIS software programs such as ESRI GPS Navigator, HP ArcView, MapInfo, QGIS, Oracle Spatial and more.

If you are seeking a user-friendly, self-service, data collection app for exploring and collecting data on your next ArcGIS field collection project, Survey 123 is the obvious choice. Click here to buy this app online.

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