Propelling organizations to greater heights

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Propelling organizations to greater heights

How good is your location? Is it time to kick your agency into high gear? With Geospatial Intelligence, you can uncover significant business opportunities and improve your customer experience across channels. GIS is the modern way to create reliable and compelling location intelligence that can help you reach higher levels with a wide range of benefits for your agency.

Location marking with a pin on a map with routes.

Here are ways in which location intelligence can help an organization:

  • Location intelligence can help organizations increase revenue by providing accurate information about demand and supply for a specific product or service. By knowing how many customers are available for a particular store or restaurant, it is possible to determine if an additional location should be opened or if current locations should be expanded.
  • Location intelligence can also help an organization make better decisions about how to spend its resources. For example, if customers are visiting a particular store but not buying anything, it may be wise to place more employees there and improve customer service so that customers will feel comfortable spending money at that store. Location intelligence can also be used by insurance companies so they can determine which area has the most accidents and therefore need more car insurance coverage in that area.
  • It enables organizations to deliver better customer service by knowing exactly where their customers are located and helps them make better decisions about where to open new stores.
  • Location intelligence can also be used to help governments respond to crises, such as natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Organizations like the United Nations have used location analytics to help deliver aid in areas where there is poor infrastructure or communication networks, such as remote areas of Africa or South America.
  • Location intelligence is also useful for businesses that want to keep track of their employees’ whereabouts during the day. For example, if an employee’s morning commute takes longer than expected, it’s possible that she has been stuck in traffic on her way into work — something that can be easily monitored using location analytics tools.

The ability to track how people use products or services has become an important part of how companies market them. As companies look for ways to connect with consumers in new ways through digital channels, they are leveraging location intelligence to provide insights into consumer behavior at a granular level—providing valuable information about what drives purchase decisions so that brands can develop more targeted ads, offers and promotions.

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