Kenyatta University Launches a GIS Lab

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Kenyatta University Launches a GIS Lab

Kenyatta University is amongst the first African university to benefit from Esri 100 African Universities initiative which encourages the study of GIS among students at 100 African Universities. The support enables the universities to integrate GIS into their functions and tuition in most departments to enhance teaching and learning.

With the provision of the license from Esri, Kenyatta University launched a GIS lab to promote knowledge of GIS and Remote Sensing and help students and employees learn its application and have a better understanding of it. The university installed ArcGIS licenses in several computer laboratories to provide students who might not have access to their own computers with training opportunities and a classroom atmosphere for instruction and research.

The lab will also enable students to use maps, statistics, reports, and charts to visualize in a variety of ways that highlight links, patterns, and trends, enhancing studentsā€™ awareness and understanding of the world and the processes that shape it.

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