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Buy Online!

With COVI9-19 accelerating the digitization of customer and supply chain interactions, digitally enabled products are being embraced by many.  To stay competitive in this new business and economic environment, requires new strategies and practices. Therefore on April 19, 2022, Esri Eastern Africa launched its online store which allows ArcGIS customers across the region to enjoy easy access to Esri’s products including core GIS, apps, and extensions. 

Speaking at the launch, Clifford Okembo, the Chief executive officer of Esri Eastern Africa said “We noticed that most consumers have gone online to buy things, from groceries to electronics. This was accelerated by the COVID 19 pandemic when most professionals worked from home. We have added an online store for our customers to find it easier to buy our products and solutions. This shall bring about efficiency and convenience in the buying process.”

Estore provides consumers with the fastest and easiest way to purchase ArcGIS products for personal or organizational use.

Latimar Amukohe from the Digital Sales had this to say, “Estore simplifies the sales process, people don’t necessarily have to wait for the licenses to be ordered and sent to them. If a customer has ArcGIS Creator license, and requires an extension, for instance, ArcGIS insight, there is no point for the consumer to go back to the salesperson to start the sales process again, the customer can simply purchase the extension from the online store, and it will be added to ArcGIS Creator since he/she is already an existing user.”

Have you checked out our online store yet? What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about our online store and make your purchase.

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