GIS Career Suggestions to Help you Land Your Dream Job

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GIS Career Suggestions to Help you Land Your Dream Job

You’re fascinated by data, and you want a fulfilling career that addresses pressing real world problems, therefore you pursued a career in GIS. Although landing your first job in any career can be nerve wrecking, there are certain skills and practices you can consider when applying for a job that can help you stand out from other candidates with similar professional and educational experience. But if you’re having problems getting your foot in the door for a GIS job, we have some career suggestions to help you out.

Let’s dive in!

Plan out your career in GIS while still in school

It’s never too early to start making plans for your GIS future. Integrate GIS into class projects if you are a GIS ninja. Starting early ensures that you gain experience for your future in GIS. Nothing distinguishes a prospective candidate more than having a portfolio of their previous work. Compile a collection of maps. For interviews, highlight the most attractive maps and projects. Be ready to discuss them. This not only demonstrates your ability to map, but it also demonstrates your organization skills and independence. Adding your class projects on your resume demonstrates your desire to study GIS independently, which is what employers want to see.

Explore every possibility

Your GIS career will probably begin with an entry-level role. To be clear, entry-level GIS positions are part-time, frequently geared toward recent graduates, and do not come with benefits. Apply for everything when you first start out because finding a GIS job is not simple. But if there aren’t any entry-level GIS employment or internships available, what should you do? – You can decide to volunteer and gain experience in return.

Join your local GIS user group

Any GIS community relies on its user groups to survive. GIS user groups are typically quite active, and they are YOUR community and YOUR opportunity to genuinely connect with your peers. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the best way to find a job nowadays is through personal recommendations from friends who work for companies that have openings.

This means, as terrible as it may sound, that it’s more important who you know than what you know. How can you interact with GIS influencers who are nearby, then? Joining your local GIS user group is one suggestion. Even while some communities are small and close-knit, they may give volunteer opportunities or scholarships to students at conferences.

Relocate to where GIS jobs are

The fact is that you might not always get jobs. For some of us, this indicates that there has never been a better time to pave the way for your next GIS job opportunity. Some areas have surplus job opportunities while others have less or none. Although not many people are open to moving, the question is, would you accept a job offer from a different city? Your flexibility and adaptability can help you land your dream job.

Understand that you’re not only a GIS specialist

These days, GIS is being used in novel ways across practically all industries. There are literally thousands of GIS apps in use right now. GIS is dispersed across all sectors within the workforce. For instance, GIS is used for decision-making in the environmental, natural resource, and government sector. You can boost your career in this expanding technology by learning GIS. Different sectors are screaming out for GIS, and this can help in building a business case for GIS in your company.

Considering that you are more than a GIS technician. By becoming knowledgeable in allied subjects like data science, you improve your chances.

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GIS is a booming career, follow the above steps and boost your chances for success. What are some of the ways that have helped boost your chances of landing a job? Talk to us in the comment section below.

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