Connected Summit 2022!

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Connected Summit 2022!

At the beginning of Q2, Esri Eastern Africa participated in the Connected Summit 2022, which was held Diani from 11th to 14th April 2022. The Connected Kenya Summit is an ICT thought leadership gathering that brings together over 1,000 regional and ICT industry thought leaders, key policy makers, high profile industry champions and executives, financiers, and ICT innovators for a series of high-level discussions geared towards nurturing innovative ideas, investments, and partnerships that spur the realization of Kenya’s development agenda on technology.

ICT is the broadest enabler of GIS. Today, traditional, manual or automated cartography procedures are far less versatile than the process of creating maps with GIS. You don’t necessarily need to be tied to a paper map or a globe to assess a given location. Thanks to ICT, existing paper maps can be digitized, and computer-readable data can be entered into the GIS platforms.

EsriEA’s main goal for participating in the summit was to:

  • Take networking opportunities to gain new partnerships and talk to prospective customers.
  • Exhibit at the conference, targeting specific audience to showcase who we are and what we do as a company.
  • Create business development opportunities.
  • Hear about the latest in the ICT world.
  • Present in a panel discussion about Open Data.

GIS is becoming a particularly powerful technological tool. It allows geographers to combine their data and methodologies in ways that support both classic forms of geographical research, such as map overlay analysis, and novel sorts of analysis and modeling that are not possible with manual approaches.

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