Aegir Consult Awarded Esri’s System Ready Specialty 

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Aegir Consult Awarded Esri’s System Ready Specialty 

Aegir Consult is a technology firm that deals in geo-informatics, information systems, system integration and geospatial technologies to improve business efficacy and management operations. In December 2022, Aegir Consult was officially recognized as part of the ArcGIS System Ready Specialty. This accreditation is given to Esri partners who regularly adopt and incorporate new ArcGIS software releases into their solutions, services, or content. “This marks an important turning point in our partnership with Esri and highlights our continued commitment to staying current with Esri technology to provide industry-efficient digital transformations that will improve business efficacy and management operations,” said Victor Wahome the founder and CEO of Aegir Consult. 

Victor Wahome, Founder and CEO Aegir Consult

As a Bronze Tier Esri partner, Aegir Consult utilizes Esri’s ArcGIS solutions to increase business efficiency, promote innovation and drive the business decision support process. From Management reporting using ArcGIS Dashboards to edge computing using Field Maps and custom mobile apps, Esri’s technologies are central to our digital transformation agenda and the success of our customers in the East African region.

One of our flagship program is the Infrastructure Location Intelligence System (ILIS) which is a geospatial enterprise-ready system solution that digitizes and automates utility infrastructure management processes including engineering design, wayleave acquisition and management, engineering construction, and many other related processes. Speaking during the launch of Infrastructure Location Intelligence System (ILIS), Victor said that Esri technology was at the forefront in helping Aegir Consult implement their ILIS platform which looks to engineer efficiency for every business process. Mr Wahome said that Aegir Consult’s focus area for this year shall be to deploy BIM-embedded solutions for one of it’s key business verticals in real estate management. “We intend to leverage key Esri technologies to achieve this goals and extend our services by integrating them into some of our existing workflows and ArcGIS Marketplace Solutions such as (ILIS).” 

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Esri-Aegir partnership

Esri offers businesses an unrivalled GIS experience to manage their data, streamline their business processes making work more efficient and ensuring business growth through insights drawn from location intelligence. Thanks to the new product and service offerings from Esri’s ArcGIS Marketplace, Aegir Consult Limited is a leading provider of technology solutions for clients not only in sub-Saharan Africa but to the World. We believe that this recognition will enhance our company’s reputation and credibility in the GIS and infrastructure management industry. Aegir consult intends to exploit these successes to broaden its influence.  

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